quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2009

Zora Yonara?

Inspirado num post de Little Miss Sunshine, vamos ao horóscopo desta semana para os arianos lá do Free Will. "Time to diversify your energy sources, Aries. It's as if you've grown too dependent on oil -- metaphorically speaking -- and have neglected to develop relationships with wind turbines, solar panels, natural gas, and other means of generating power. What if in the future -- metaphorically speaking -- oil becomes scarcer or wildly expensive? And what if, over the long haul, its byproducts degrade your environment? I suggest you start now to expand the variety of fuels you tap into. It's a perfect moment to adjust your plans for your long-term energy needs." Há milênios eu não lia um horóscopo e as palavras me disseram um bocado (ah a teoria da sincronicidade)

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Louise disse...

Little Miss Sunshine me isnpirou também... só que a minha previsão foi... what? haha