sexta-feira, 4 de abril de 2008

Robot Boy

"Mr and Mrs Smith had a wonderful life.
They were a normal, happy husband and wife.
One day they got news that made Mr Smith glad.
Mrs Smith would be a mom,
which would make him a dad!
But something was wrong with their bundle of joy.
It wasn't human at all,
it was a robot boy!
He wasn't warm and cuddly
and he didn't have skin.
Instead, there was a cold, thin layer of tin.
There were wires and tubes sticking out of his head.
He just lay there and stared,
not living or dead.
The only time he seemed alive at all
was with a long extension cord
plugged into the wall.
Mr Smith yelled at the doctor,
'What have you done to my boy?
He's not flesh and blood,
he's aluminium alloy!'
The doctor said gently,
'What I'm going to say
will sound pretty wild.
But you're not the father
of this strange-looking child.
You see, there still is some question
about the child's gender,
but we think that its father
is a microwave blender.'
The Smiths' lives were now filled
with misery and strife.
Mrs Smith hated her husband,
and he hated his wife.
He never forgave her unholy alliance:
a sexual encounter
with a kitchen appliance.
And Robot Boy
grew to be a young man.
Though he was often mistaken
for a garbage can."
Tim Burton, in The melancholy death of Oyster Boy.

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