segunda-feira, 20 de novembro de 2006

Spy shot #2

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Dr. Nazli disse...

Dear Caco! How are you my deep soulful wordly friend? I love that you travel light - what better way to raom this temporary Earth? I had a dream the other day about roaming the universe. It was short and light and I forgot about it till now. It is thankgiving here on Thursday and I wanted to wish you and yours a happy and joyful and light Thanksgiving. May you always have days of laughter and many moments of happiness for which to be thankful :-):-)


Caco disse...

What's up, DOC?

Hope life has been treating you fantastically. Travelling light is supposed to allow us to travel in the speed of light, I guess.

The description of your dream reminded me of the brilliant opening sequence of Zemeckis' 'Contact' as the camera travels through the universe and catches sound emissions of different time periods... You must have already watched it.

Thanks for the wishes and the same to you. Shouldn't I simply say a huge 'thank you' for everything?

So, cheers & thanks a lot.