quarta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2006

Para o voto consciente

O interesse pelas pessoas pelo site do Perfil Transparência (perfil.transparencia.org.br) - veja o post de 11/09 - só me dá esperança. Acredito sinceramente que estão se informando e espero que estejam informando outros que dispõem de menos recursos.

Recebi dicas adicionais (agradecimentos ao Sr. Denisley Bassoli) para busca de informações sobre deputados federais e estaduais. O voto consciente é essencial para melhorar as perspectivas futuras.

Dica recebida. Dica partilhada.

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Anônimo disse...

Caco - I have not heard from you in 57.3 years ...

How are you?

Have you watched "Little Miss Sunshine" yet? Recommended

I am having a bagel with strawberry cream cheese - I don;t like strawberries, but I like the strawberry cream cheese - just thought I would share with you :-):-)

Caco - see you amd you have the most fantastic Thursday!


Caco disse...

DOC - yep it seems to be a googolplex of years since the last time we talked... To be completely honest, I have dedicated myself to a few issues that thrilled me during last week. An old old old dear dear dear friend popped up out of the blue, things at work have been positively hectic, ... It is good to have a feeling of pulsating life. So, I am not bad at all. Yourself?
Thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out.
The cake sounds really tasty. I have just taken a glass of red wine - cheers - 'want some?
Thanks and May you have an brilliant Friday, dear.
Stay fascinating.