domingo, 17 de setembro de 2006

Ninguém me escuta

Vi o trailer do TBD hoje antes do 'A Casa do Lago'. Aí li isto aí:
One thing about The Black Dahlia that critics seem to agree on: it's stylish. Brian De Palma gets credit for that, along with production designer Dante Ferretti and cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond. But most of them also suggest that the film is stylish to a fault -- a big fault. Comments Claudia Puig in USA Today: "What it accomplishes with its stunning cinematography and set design is undercut by a lack of coherence." Writes Rick Groen in the Toronto Globe & Mail: "Film noir is a style, but self-conscious film noir is just a stylistic tic, less a genre than an ailment. And The Black Dahlia has got a really bad case -- this thing is so mannered it convulses." Philip Wuntch in the Dallas Morning News writes similarly: "The Black Dahlia is too much a director's movie. With camera angles almost operatic in grandeur, there's never any doubt that you're watching a De Palma movie." Lou Lumenick in the New York Post concludes that while the film is "visually dazzling but ultimately disappointing ... it's still possible to get a kick out of this fever dream loaded with eye candy." Most of the critics also agree that the film falls apart in the final half hour. Writes Richard Roeper in the Chicago Sun-Times: "The last-act revelations aren't just implausible -- they're connected by only the barest of threads to previous events." Joe Morgenstern in the Wall Street Journal concludes, "The baroque denouement leaves us begging for less."
Source: click on IMDb
Eu falei, mas ninguém me escuta:
Tinha que ter sido feito pelo David Lynch.

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nazlikabir disse...

Dear dear Caco

The Black Dahlia does seem very stylistic from the trailers. However I must admit that lately I want to watch only silly funny light movies to soothe the soul. Perhaps later when it comes out on DVD I will watch it with friends.

Oh and I watched the "Illusionist" and it was stylistic but the ending was also disconnected to the movie.

Caco - I wish you the best of the best of the best - may your week be simply wonderful!


Julis disse...

Ainda quero ver esse filme!

Caco disse...

DOC dear - The trailers were thrilling, though. As for funny light movies, I've read you have not watched Cinema Paradiso. This is a shame as it is such a must-see movie for movie-lovers. Go for it, Miss Doc ;-)

JULIS - Eu também. Quero ver e poder dizer que odiei. Ou não.
Ah, e você realmente acha que meu primo poderia fazer comunicação?

mary disse...

Bota esquisitice em Lynch!

Mas eu até gosto, vai... hehe

before sunrise disse...

NAZLI - you haven't seen Cinema Paradiso? You MUST!! However, it's not really light and happy... If I remember rightly (correct me if I'm wrong Caco), it is funny and light at times but also sad...

CACO - I am with Nazli, I am not in the mood for this film right now, I am more in the mood for light and happy. You must see "Little Miss Sunshine", it had me laughing more than I have in a long time and the acting is very good!!

Caco disse...

MARY - Ele é esquisitaço. Tenho que confessar que há algumas cenas dos filmes que me deixam enojado, o estômago fica embrulhado e quero parar de ver o filme. Acho que ele faz nos sentir vivos.

SUNRISE - 'Melancholy' - this word can summarise your feelings, can't it? If so, you are 100% right.
DOC - The movie is an emotion rollercoater so it is adviseable to keep a box of kleenex by your side.

SUNRISE 2 - I will check the movie out ;-)

ALL - Stay fearless.

before sunrise disse...

Caco, vi no cinema... ta passando aqui ja faz uns dois meses (acho). Nao sei se vai fazer sucesso no Brasil, nao sei se agrada ao publico brasileiro em geral, mas vale a pena ver, sao risadas garantidas!!

Nao... nao eh melancolia, eh mais stress e TPM hahaha