domingo, 13 de agosto de 2006

"Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades"

This week has been fraught with events that shall affect our lives as travellers. It seems that we will be forced to stay at home indefinitely - without chances to go beyond our frontiers. Hopefully we will still be allowed to go beyond the fences of our homes. I wonder how we can respond to it all.

Despite the threat, we should never ever be afraid of going beyond our limits and face the world full of differences just around the corner. Somebody dared to do it in 1492 - and here we are in free America. We have to open our mind and do not close our frontiers, our doors, our eyes.

Such stressful moments in life always make me bring a different perspective. This weekend not only was I reading Asne Seierstad's The Bookseller of Kabul but I also had the chance to watch V for Vendetta. Highly influenced by both of them I dared to wonder what if?

What if all the threat was part of a conspiracy to spread fear among each one of us? Well it actually is and this may be a close definition of terror. However, what if each one of us attempts to guarantee peace based on a totalitarian power? What if our potential saviours become our actual foes?

This is just a thought - I do not intend to start a curtain of smoke here as there are issues to be addressed objectively. However we should never forget the number of side effects we will eventually undergo in the future, depending upon our present decisions.

I want a bright future.

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