domingo, 6 de agosto de 2006


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As a child in school, I have had very few opportunities to visit a museum. I remember visiting the Air Force Museum while in elementary school, to be completely honest with you all. Later on, visits to the Imperial Museum in Petropolis were quite frequent - particularly in the Summertime when weather was exceptionally milder up in Petropolis mountains and relatives used to come from the whole country to stay over a few weeks in Rio with us.

As I grew older, I had the privilege to see a few masterpieces worldwide - and I truly wish I can keep up with it until the end of my days. It is a tremendous pleasure to visit museums and share the place with a bunch of kids. Yes, they can be noisy and messy indeed. Their guide, usually a hopeless art teacher, will be completely worn out at the end of the day. Despite their moaning about the so-called stupid visit to the museum, these kids will be provided with something unique to their lives. Their minds will be touched in a very particular way they will not be able to describe - perhaps just feel.

This picture must have been taken at Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum. I am not sure because I have not been there. Not yet.

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Before Sunrise disse...

Isso eh verdade Caco... eu tive o privilegio de fazer varias viagens aos museus quando estava crescendo... Eu cresci em Londres, entao a escola fazia varias excursoes aos varios museus da cidade. Como toda crianca, na hora, dependendo do assunto, eu nao via o valor nisso, mas hoje, olhando para tras, vejo o quanto isso influenciou na minha formacao e agradeco por ter tido essa oportunidade.