quinta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2006

Changes in the Galaxy

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Pluto loses 'battle of the planets'. This is the title of today's Guardian article about the definition of a planet agreed by astronomers. Pluto did not meet the requirements and became a so-called dwarf planet.

Funny how my knowledge on geography has changed. Bulgaria was pulverised. Czech-Slovakia was torn into two names. Needless to mention former Soviet Union.

Now it is no longer a matter of changes at global scale but at galactic scale. Never before have I felt so outdated.

4 comentários:

Before Sunrise disse...

Me too!! Completely outdated...

Kafé Roceiro disse...

É, pluto agora é anão e caiu fora da farra! Mas foi bom enquanto durou a fama dele!

Dr. Nazli disse...

Your last sentence is poignant Caco - but I was thinking Caco - I don't think Pluto cares about what human thinks of it. Pluto feels as fantastic as it always has - what do you think? Are you laughing :-)

Caco - wishing you an atronomically wonderful day from your friend just across the continent!


Caco disse...

SUNRISE - think globally, act galacticly (does this word exist?)
ROCEIRO - 15 minutos-luz de fama. Abraço!
DOC - No poignancy here - in fact it is the epitome of my ignorance! :-))
I guess Pluto is the gnome in the galactic garden ;-)) What do you think?
Hope you have a nice weekend.