sábado, 29 de julho de 2006

The world map of happiness

I have received this instigating message from a very good friend of mine asking me what makes me happy. This is something which is seldom actively thought of by most of people and I guess I am one of them. Nevertheless, she provided me with information on University of Leicester Psychologist Adrian White who has made a comprehensive research on this.

Further details about the research, including an interactive map, Mr. White's comments, and 'happiness ranking of world countries' can be found here. BBC Brasil has an insteresting article on this - a link to the text (in Portuguese) is here.

My small list of things that makes me happy would include: a good meal (the feast of the 5 senses), an interesting conversation (interaction can be sublime), the successful accomplishment of a task (pragmatic guy), the genuine expression of gratitude (highly influenced by my father), being of help to someone (here are two lending hands ), being part of something (we are part of the big picture), the feeling of loving and being loved (not necessarily in return).

What could possibly make you happy?

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Dr. Nazli disse...

Caco - you have broken down the stems of happiness beatifully. If i could ollow that, I would be the happiest girl in the world.

In addition to what you wrote, I would say being happy includes a sense of personal freedom - the ability to live within my own terms. I do rank, being loved and adored - for who I am - as a top happy factor! :-)

Sometimes, when i laugh, at nothing in particular - I feel incredibly happy.

So shall we all move to Denmark, now? Let's go.

Caco - wishing you only happiness and happiness!!


Mary disse...

Ahhh, a Rússia é triste? Que pena, gosto tanto de lá :(
Pelo menos, eu me sinto muito mais feliz que aquele alaranjado average que deram para o Brasil :D

Simone disse...

What makes me happy? I guess it changes from time to time... but certain things never change... It makes me happy:
* to share a good meal with someone special (a good friend, family, my husband)
* my husband's "good bye" kiss in the morning before he leaves to work
* Seeing gratitude in someone's eyes for something simple that I have done, not expecting any thanks in return
* That overwhelming feeling that I feel when I look at the ocean on a sunny day
* being loved for who I am, with all my failures... (very few people do love me this way and you are one of them; thanks for that!)
* To meet someone I haven't seen for a long time and be able to rekindle the friendship in a moment, with only a smile or a hug
* and lately: to watch my daughter in her careless sleep

Caco disse...

Doc - thanks for the wishes. Despite all the happiness found in Copenhagen, I guess there is nothing like home. Brazil.

Mary - tudo é 'média' - talvez sejamos daqueles pontos que puxam a média um pouco para cima...

Si - Thanks for the comment. Sosza shall always be a source of happiness for you, won't she?